Feeling Love – Expressing Love – Receiving Love
I want to share a story of Love

My herd consisted of 5 mares and one gelding. Patches and Sorrel lived together since Patches was 4 months old. The story I’m going to share with you happened when Patches was 20.

My horse Sorrel was my only gelding and all the girls loved him. The way I saw this expressed was they all wanted to stand close to him, eat very close to the same blade of grass and from my observations, he welcomed all of them. There were many times I saw Mya, my 30-inch tall miniature pony grazing right under him!
Many times I would see him standing between two mares who were not so friendly with one another. Not because he put himself there but because they both needed comfort. The comfort of him and the safety he provided because they would not push on him or step on him, kick or bite him. He became the shield or a safe place for each of them. While they were different, he was the same clear horse for each of them.
This was a big lesson for me! And one I’ve learned over and over again from every horse I’ve met.

What was this lesson?
They find safety and comfort in me. The honest loving me.
I love horses. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever met one I didn’t really love, just a few minutes after meeting them! Not the way I love my own herd after knowing them and going through stuff with each of them, but a deep caring and appreciation for every horse. For their uniqueness, their expression, their journey.
Coming from this place, I find horses want to be with me. Perhaps they find safety and comfort like my girls did with Sorrel?

This can happen quickly because of the clarity of knowing me and what’s important to me. I learned this from watching Sorrel many years ago. I’ll tell you more about that journey another time, the thing I want to tell you about now is the end, the end of Sorrel’s life here with us.

It happened in 2010. I came out in the morning to check on the horses and I found him dead in the pasture. The girls were all grazing nearby. It took a few hours to find and hire a backhoe and most of the rest of the morning to bury him. It was the next morning that the knowing of love amongst them became clear to me.
The love he gave, the love he received and the expression of love amongst them.
Patches called for him, daily and nightly. She seemed to not be able to find herself in the herd, she was always separate. Mya almost immediately transferred her attention to Valentine and it was the very next day; when I came out to check on everyone in the morning that I found them all in ritual; the ritual that went on for the next 7 mornings. They were all laying in a circle around where Sorrel died.

Love is all you need.
Love stands for what is right, what is needed and what is shared. It’s not passive, it motivates and compels action, love is required for comfort and safety. This action looked like sleeping in a circle for 7 nights.

Coming from Love creates clarity and peace. Give peace a chance in your life:
Self Love,
Love for One Another
Love for Our Horses
Love for the Nature of Our Horses – CommunityMaryAnn and Sterling Photo session

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