UNBRIDLED The Heart of Graceful Horsemanship


unbridled brightened

When a person and a horse come together in harmony with grace and ease, what is
experienced by horse and human is pure connected joy.  In this place all things are
possible.  Both the horse and the human try to fulfill their part in the dance or the
construction of the song, they both want to contribute all that is available in the
present moment.
To get here we need to be honest with the horses and with ourselves, this honesty can
and will be cultivated by both parties.  We may need to learn about our bodies; how
they move; in what shapes; measures; notes. Our emotions; what happens before what
actually happens?  Our thoughts; the lyrics!  Are we thinking in pictures; words; a
hierarchy; maybe in harmony or in leadership.
Think of a herd of horses running out, moving together…
They want to be together, move together, run together in fact they are born to do it!
This is the very nature of being a herd animal; being and staying together by choice.
This is harmony; grace and ease; pure connected joy and if we want this kind of
seamless movement with horses we need to learn it and if we are going to learn it, we
are going to do some personal growth along the way.

UNBRIDLED – The Heart of Graceful Horsemanship by Author Mary Ann Brewer to be in bookstores everywhere 2016! Contact us unbridled@inthecompanyofhorses.com